Friday 27th April 2007 – Lessons so far
So here is the first entry in the behind the scenes blog. My plan here is to track the development of especially the lessons I learn as hopefully it grows in size.

So far I have learnt a few things:

1 – My Newsgator RSS reader saves me so much time. I have hundreds of site feeds setup. If a good site does not have a feed I set one up using – great screen-scrape tool that will create RSS feeds.

2 – I get way more traffic when I get linked to. Literally 50% of traffic is referred via links from other sites. Just need to figure out the key to people linking to me!

3 – My Feedburner stats say 90% of readers are from the US

4 – My site visits only started to rise with multiple posts a day. Oh, and yes that is just 131 at the most popular day, today.


5 – Its hard work! takes about 2-3 hours a day so far. Perhaps I will get faster… but already I know I will need to rope someone in to help if this will work long term.

Friday 5th May 2007

So 1 week later I have some hired help. I will continue to choose which topics are posted, and I will look after quality – in other words it is my fault if you don’t like what your read! My new writers look very promising and I am glad to have them on board.

The objective from here is to build a reader base over the next few months before “phase 2”. In the meantime my attention will be focussed on bringing good quality content.

Friday 19th May 2007

Two weeks later and things are going very well. Postings are becoming more consistent and readership is building. Hopefully we will hit 2,000 views a week by the end of the month. We even got our first exclusive interview (thanks to Michael!) with mywaves.

Tuesday 7th August 2007

Well it is now nearly 3 months later and the time has shot by. I have learnt a lot over the last couple of months, most of which may seem obvious when you read them!

First, original content is better than repeating content from others! So rather than be another “me too” news site, we have put focus on interviews and opinion. The content is more popular and it is more rewarding to produce!

Second, providing content that is focused topic wise seems to result in more readers (perhaps it is too early to really say). Rather than provide content on anything mobile, IPTV, VoIP etc, we have focused on mobile content and applications. Why? well for me it is the most interesting! Perhaps in time we can then open up new channels for other topic areas… but that is a long way off.

Third, readers really do grow with time and rather than stressing about reader numbers I have found it best to just focus on good content… the readers come, and each week there are more.

Forth, having a good stable team means good stable content. I could not have kept going with out the help of Michael and Hamish – cheers to both of you!


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