Interview: Adrian Hall of Bytemobile on higher-quality mobile content

November 6, 2007 at 12:12 am


If you can view PC-quality web pages and multimedia services on your mobile phone, maybe you should thank Bytemobile. Their technology is installed in the networks of 85 operators in 52 countries, serving a total of more than 1 billion subscribers. Bytemobile’s proprietary transcoding and dynamic bandwidth shaping solutions automatically adapt content to mass-market handsets, feature phones and smartphones. We asked Adrian Hall, vice-president of Bytemobile, about their services.

How does Bytemobile work?

Bytemobile’s integrated IP services dynamically and transparently adapt web and video content to mobile devices, filter content for parental controls, and optimize data and multimedia applications for speed and cost reduction.

So do I have to download anything?

These services are deployed on a single node in the core data path of the network. Operators have the option of delivering subscriber data services with or without a client on the mobile device.

What is your mobile business model?

We license our optimization services to operators on a capacity basis. We charge for web and video content adaptation and optimization services by numbers of users.

How are you different from your competitors?

Bytemobile’s competitors tend to deliver point products rather than integrated solutions that combine multiple IP services for the delivery of different applications. Bytemobile’s solutions are deployed in-network, rather than on the device, and require no client or other device changes.

Does your technology work better on certain devices or operating systems?

No. Bytemobile products are capable of delivering all web and multimedia content on all wireless networks to all mobile devices. They are network-agnostic, in terms of both network technology and network speed, and they are device- and browser-independent.

What new features are you planning to introduce next?

We are planning to launch a mobile advertising capability that will enable operators to monetize the web and video content they deliver, with mobile ads targeted to subscriber data.

What do you see in the future for mobile?

In the future, mobile consumers will have considerably more freedom of choice than they do now. They will also be more sophisticated users with higher expectations of the user experience on the mobile device.


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