Opinion: Take your creative urges mobile with Sketch

November 1, 2007 at 10:30 pm 1 comment

sketch.jpgUser generated content is most often created in the form of video, photos or, if you’re really unlucky, music. The quality is often variable to say the least, especially in the latter category, but that’s not necessarily a barrier to usage. In fact, in some cases, the worse it is, the more popular it becomes. One area of creative endeavor that hasn’t yet been explored in the mobile environment is drawing – until now. Sketch, from UK-based developer Dakine Wave isn’t sophisticated, but it may signal the birth of a new dimension in user-generated mobile content.

Sketch is a mobile app that lets you draw pictures on your Java-enabled handset. Users can create pictures using standard line, shape and color-fill tools, plus a variety of pre-loaded characters and objects including animals, food, cars, houses, etc. The finished masterpiece can then be saved on the phone or texted as an attachment to friends.

The quality of the result achievable is unlikely to win you the Turner Prize (then again…), but it could while away a few idle minutes, especially if you’re a teenager. We like the idea because it takes user generated content in a new direction. But the graphical limitations mean that its appeal is likely to be limited. Perhaps its significance lies more in the fact that it is indicative of the increasing diversity of user-generated material. As the technology develops, mobile-originated art may well start spawning the kind of online repositories of content that are already being created for photos, videos and books created on mobile phones.

Sketch costs £5 and can be downloaded directly via your phone’s browser from www.dakinewave.mobi

Hamish M.
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  • 1. Paul  |  November 11, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    Thank you for your kind mention of Sketch. We are very grateful.

    We would like to ask all Sketch users to submit their sketches to our online art gallery.

    Best wishes,

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