News roundup: McDonalds UK WiFi, Gphone, Yahoo! search, PhoneCasting, Vodafone free music

October 8, 2007 at 10:26 am

McDonalds is to introduce free WiFi in most of its 1,200 stores in the UK by the end of the year. In the US McDonalds has free WiFi already in about 8,000 of 12,000 stores. This will be a handy addition for users of WiFi enabled phones.

More theories on an upcoming Gphone from Google. Current thoughts are for a free open-source operating system that helps push Google’s advertising reach (i.e. software, not an actual phone). The objective is to have mobile operators select the system over, say, Microsoft Mobile.

Yahoo! has added Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers to its mobile search platform oneSearch.

A company called PhoneCasting has raised $500,000. They offer a variation of a podcast service, but rather than downloading and listening to a Podcast you are provided a telephone number to call.

Vodafone UK is providing their music download service MusicStation free (usually £2/week!) for users on 18 month contracts over £40. The move is reported to be a response against iPhone/ 02.

Richard T.
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