Roundup: iPhone, Google, Nokia/ Enpocket, SK Telecom, BluePod, Vringo/ Meez, Trutap, MusicStation, RokTalk

September 21, 2007 at 2:25 pm 1 comment

Some key announcements from the last week include iPhone expansion, order McDonalds with your mobile, mobile conference calling app, unlimited data plans, Google mobile ads, Nokia buys mobile ad firm, more $ for social networking, bluetooth advertising, video ringtones meets avatars, and unlimited music downloads with Vodafone.

Apple has announced release of the iPhone beyond the US to Germany with T-Mobile and the UK with O2 both for sale from November 9. In the UK the iPhone will have free access to The Cloud’s 7,500 WiFi access points which includes the square mile in London…. a nice benefit especially as the iPhone has 2G data speeds when connected to a mobile network rather than 3G.

In Korea SK Telecom has commenced a trial with McDonalds to allow customers to place orders via their mobile phone. Customers need a downloadable application on their phone and use a sensor at their table to complete an order.

Rok Corporation has announced the trial of RokTalk a mobile phone conference calling application. The application allows scheduled and ad-hoc conference calling for up to 30 participants and includes in-call control features.

In the UK O2 has announced unlimited mobile data plans as long as you use less than 1024MB per month (I’m not sure how that is actually unlimited, as it is limited!).

Google has announced Adsense for mobile. The program allows mobile website content to earn revenue from targeted Google text based ad.

Trutap, a mobile social networking service, is due to launch today. The service has raised $7.7 million. The companys is targeting locations where teenagers do not have ready broadband access and thus more likely to use their mobile to network. Target countries include Brazil, India, Russia and China.

Nokia has acquired mobile advertising firm Enpocket who delivers advertising via SMS, MMS, mobile internet and video.

A company called BluePod has announced it will commence bluetooth based advertising in over 70 cinemas in the UK. The service will offer items such as movie previews, music samples and promotional vouchers to users within 100m of their bluetooth transmitters.

Video ringtone company Vringo has incorporated avatars (your personal 3D virtual identity) from Meez. With the service if you ring a Vringo user your avatar will appear including any recent updates.

Vodafone UK has announced an unlimited download option from the MusicStation service. Over one million tracks are available with a weekly cost of £1.99.

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