Interview: Robbie Guy, Wild Jack UK Country Manager on mobile casinos

September 4, 2007 at 8:00 pm

inbabble-wjmc.jpgWild Jack Mobile Casino has developed a number of mobile games that allows users to play for real money. The company has strong roots in the online gaming industy through the Jackpot Factory Group. The mobile offerings include classic card and poker machine games. We asked Robbie Guy, UK Country Manager, about the development of their products and their future plans.

Wild Jack Mobile Casino has an online gaming heritage through the Jackpot Factory Group, was establishing a mobile gaming presence as simple as adapting your online games to the mobile screen, or were there other key challenges?
Guy: Establishing mobile presence and gaining brand awareness was WJMC’s biggest challenge. Adapting the online casino to the mobile phone was also very challenging, as we had to consider the differences in screen sizes and resolutions for mobile handsets. The online casino had to be adapted to suit and fit the mobile screens of different devices available on the market today. 

Did you have any key regulation hurdles to overcome when providing gaming for money on the mobile? were these similar to the hurdles faced bringing mobile gaming online, or totally new, or none at all?
Guy: Most regulations apply to mobile in the same way they apply to online gaming, as both are considered as “remote-gambling.

Are there differences in the games that are popular online compared to games popular via the mobile?
Guy: We noticed that the same games are popular on both platforms, when breaking the players down by countries – UK players in general prefer table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, with our Tomb Raider™ Slot game at a close 3rd. 

Can you share some stats with us please?
Guy: Obviously we can’t share this kind of information, but I can say that we’ve noticed that there isn’t much of a difference between night and day, and players play at all times. I can also say that the players can be divided into two main groups – those who play for relatively short periods of time, more to pass the time, and those who play for longer durations. 

Is your distribution strategy to pull users who use your online sites, to the mobile gaming applications? or do you see any potential for distribution through physical casino partners, mobile carrier partners, general online game partners?
Guy: Because mobile players tend to be different than online players, we see more potential for distribution through advertising (print magazines in the UK and snooker, for example) and strategic partners, such as the mobile providers in the UK, who place us on their WAP portals.

Where do you plan to market your products to next? Is regulations rather than technology the key to expanding your operations?
Guy: While most, if not all of our marketing is done in the UK, WJMC is available for players around the world. When it launched, it was decided that the marketing efforts would be focussed on the UK, because it was felt that this market was more ready than other markets in Europe. WJMC has players from other countries in Europe and Asia as well. The key to expanding is a mix of regulations and technology, along with other factors that come into play, for example financial processing and local strategic partnerships.

What percentage of revenue do you see your mobile gaming compared to your online gaming becoming?
Guy: Again, this is something we obviously can’t disclose. According to Juniper Research, the European mobile gaming market is projected to be worth anywhere between $1-9 billon in 2010, and WJMC is planning on still being the leading mobile casino in the world.

Richard T.
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