Interview with Mina Lux from Scientific American Mobile

July 15, 2007 at 3:17 pm

scientific-american-mobile.jpgFirst, magazines and newspapers created websites. Now they are creating mobile portals. “I think every magazine may need to consider offering content formats that enables a user-friendly experience on the small mobile screens,” says Mina Lux of Online for Scientific American, “while being mindful that some phones may take longer to load than others.”

Some of the publications that offer mobile content include Newsweek, Times of London, New York Times, Detroit Free Press, The Hartford Courant, and even the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung in Texas.

We asked Mina Lux about the launch of Scientific American Mobile, which was created with the help of MindMatics, a leading mobile services company who also launched mobile destinations for Sony Pictures, QPower Motor Oil, and several pharmaceutical companies.

What are the challenges in creating a mobile portal for your magazine?

Lux: Our mobile product aims to deliver timely and informative content to the mobile consumers. The challenge was to arrive at content product that stays true to the brand while delivers to the strength of the platform. offers news in science verticals (such as Technology, Space, Health, Mind, Nature, Biology and Archeology & Paleontology) as well as Trivia, Strange but True and Fact or Fiction. On the technology front, we had a great partner that helped us ensure that we delivered to the lowest common denominator while enabling images to compatible phones.

How much of your content will be available on mobile devices?

Lux: Currently, we offer news, top stories by category, trivia, Strange but True and Fact or Fiction.

How is your mobile content different that what you have on your website or in print?

Lux: We offer a small selection of the web-only content but do not offer any print content on the mobile platform. The user flow has been modified for the mobile platform but the content remains the same.

Compared to what other magazines have done, how is your mobile portal different?

Lux: Aside from news, we’ve incorporated trivia and other more entertaining content such as Strange but True and Fact or Fiction. In addition, we’ve included “On the newsstand” featuring the latest issue available on the newsstand along with its cover and a listing of the Feature stories.

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